Thursday, December 1, 2016

Slaughtered Remains: Fragments of "Wranglin' Violence", Pt. I.

Church of Disgust - “Veneration of Filth” (Memento Mori):Year: 2016
Location:  San Marcos/Tampa, FL
The idea of purity in a genre as rotten as death metal may sound like something of an oxymoron, but there are few things more satisfying than a well-crafted onslaught of undiluted death.  “Veneration of Filth” is just such an album that absolutely smokes its predecessor, and I say that as someone that heavily praised “Unworldly Summoning” in Issue #1 and still hold it in high regard.  This is death metal spawned of the Morbid Angel school, backed up by guest vocals in “Sunken Altar of Dagon” by none other than the legendary Abomination of Desolation himself, Mr. Mike Browning.  The production recalls “Blessed Are The Sick” along with the brutal-yet-articulate vocal delivery of vocalist/guitarist Dustin James.  Leave your slam and -core at the door, kids, and bow down before the masters!

Remnants - “Lifeless” (Headsplit Records):
Year:  2016
Location:  Houston
It’s always a good thing when a group with established metal résumés delivers on high expectations, and the debut demo from Remnants has bashed any doubts of quality with a ten-ton hammer.  “Lifeless” is a work of Golden Age-inspired death metal that avoids clichés of stylistic regurgitation.  In an age where murky guitar tone and suffocating production are prominent, “Lifeless” contrasts with clear-cut riffing and memorable songwriting that worms its way into your eardrums with the force of an icepick.  I do not believe that the entire demo is available for streaming, but you can trust my word that anyone that bangs their head to “Like An Everflowing Stream” and “Left Hand Path” owes it to themselves to support the cassette release from the good maniacs at Headsplit Records.  Do not sleep on this one lest ye be considered false!